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Thursday, September 28, 2006


I'm back.

And you will find several new posts about me ranting against bush soon.

I'm a libertarian/anarchist/whatever, just so you know.

Remember, you can be whatever the hell you want to be.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I miss you.

Today, I went to school.

In my first period, there was an annoucement.

One of the students had killed herself.

Jessica Knowlton.

She sat right next to me in French.

Which is first period.

I am at home crying.

Why, Jessica, Why?

You didn't have to do it.

I wasn't close, but I miss you.

Oh God, Why?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Girls in Liberia forced to have sex for food

This is so horrible and depressing

Young girls in Liberia are still being sexually exploited by aid workers and peacekeepers despite pledges to stamp out such abuse, Save the Children says.
Girls as young as eight are being forced to have sex in exchange for food by workers for local and international agencies, according to its report
The UN in Liberia has said it would investigate allegation and promised to implement "safeguards." But despite all the talk, the study says that abuse is still widespread. Respondents said in the report that more than half of the girls in their areas were being assaulted.

One woman reported that she was forced to have sex with a worker for the World Food Programme (WFP), others have been forced to have sex with teachers "in lieu of school fees."

UN officials continue to say that the allegations are a priority. That's real comforting.

I have a confession to make.

I used to be/still am bulimic.

I was for about 2 months (by medical terms), And I still do it every so often...

Why do I say this?

At my weight (190 pounds) and height (5'9), I feel like a fat bitch. I don't look fat, believe me (people have commented, who were not friends), and I have German bones, but it's a little unnerving to weigh almost 20 pounds more than your 19 year old brother. I wear size 12-14.

Oh well.

It's just another teenage ranting

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Survey: Typical 18 to 24-year-old American cannot find ass with both hands tied behind back

• 63 percent of Americans aged 18 to 24 could not locate Iraq on a map of the Middle East.
• 70 percent could not locate Iran or Israel.
• Nine in ten could not find Afghanistan on a map of Asia.
• 54 percent were unaware that Sudan is a country in Africa.
• Three-quarters could not find Indonesia on a map.
• Three-quarters were unaware that a majority of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, making it the largest Muslim country in the world.
• Forty-seven percent were unable to locate India on a map of Asia.
• Half could not find New York State on a map of the United States.
• A third of the respondents could not find Louisiana, and 48 percent couldn’t locate Mississippi on a map of the United States.
• Three in ten respondents put the U.S. population between one and two billion (it’s just under 300 million).

That is

Hey, I'm smarter than that and I'm under 18. (over 15. Not telling real age. This is the internet, anything can happen)

Now it’s World War III

Bush's new name for the non-existent War on Terror.

I can't believe he's done this.

You can't have a war without an enemy.

No, "Them" does not consitute an ememy, Mr. Bush.

Take that.

I've decided not to pay tithing anymore. Why should I give money to something that is not true?

Come December, when the whole family shuffles into the bishops office for the tithing meeting, some people are going to be very disapointed in me.

But who cares?

I'm not going to kiss Hank's ass just because they say its right.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This made me giggle:

If Dubya gets stuck, just drag him with your cursor.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I got this off another blog:

Another effect of the internet can be best said in the following line. "You cannot control or stop the flow of information". The information and facts that you may not like cannot be stopped.

Feliz Navidad

five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

How do you measure a year?


Anyway, I hate homework. I have this HUUUUGE project due tomorrow and I think I'll ask the prof for an extension. I think I ate too many Ranch rice cakes. My stomach feels weird.

I hate American rice. The little white things that don't have any taste? yeah. I prefer the sticky kind.

Just so you know, I have ASD, a type of autism, along with mild OCD, and ADD/ADHD.

Don't treat me like a mental patient. because I'm not.

I'm a regular person. I'm not better than you, you're not better than me.

Live your life as if someone is watching you. Odds are, they are.


I found a journal in the bowels of my computer from a few weeks ago. Here's the first and only entry:

They treat me like a child, trying to "shield" me from the "world" I already know is out there. (My parents)
I am, I belong to, evil is not the world.
"Mormonism" is just a cult.
A stupid cult.
It may be a religion but it doesn't push itself it others faces saying"YOU ARE FALSE! WE ARE THE OOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY TRUE CHURCH (CULT)"
Heeeey. maybe if I become a lesbian they'll kick me out, like they do at BYU.
"We don't discrimate" my ass.
That's it. I'm going to OSU.

Just a girl.

So...I finally decided to get a blog here.

I'll tell you about my self.

I'm female.

I call myself Mitch on the net.

I'm smarter than you think I am.

I'm 5'9"

That's all you'll get.

Anyway, this blog will be about my looking into Buddhism, leaving (probably) Mormonism, being enviroment-friendly, being a feminist, and so on.

Peace, love, and bananas